Using an epilator on your face can be quite sensitive and may cause irritation as well as the pain being quite intense. If you take all the necessary steps, remembering to pull the skin taut, you will be able to achieve a smooth hairless finish on your face.

Underarms can be a great place to start in building up your confidence in using an epilator. It is a small area to start with as well as finding yourself being hairless for weeks, especially around the hot and up coming months ahead.

Again, you will need to remember to hold the Epilator at the right angle when undertaking your armpits as well as pulling the skin to catch all the hair.

Legs, especially below the knee is the most common place for people to epilate. An added benefit in doing the legs is building up a strong pain tolerance.

The bikini line, well . . . this may cause a few headaches? This can be painful to begin nonetheless can be overcome with care. It will give you long lasting results which will bring me to the last but not least next area, your pubic hair?

Attacking any hair in your pubic area with a razor, waxing or epilator can be painful, with the end results long-term being unsuccessful. Extra care is a MUST when going near your genitalia (or private parts).

FINAL THOUGHTS . . . Again, an Epilator can remove hair from any part of the body ALTHOUGH not the most gentle of methods.