Making it at home? Here is what you need . . .

three (3) Ingredients:
200 grams of sugar
60 ml of lemon juice
60 ml of water

and . . . How do you do it?

  1. add all the above ingredients in a saucepan, stir to combine;
  2. let it ALL slow boil;
  3. after it begins to boil, simmer on low to medium setting, stirring;
  4. when the mix is a nice golden brown it’s finished (Now you can remove from heat);
  5. pour sugar wax into a container, letting cool for 1/2 hour;
  6. spoon some mixture into your hands, rolling it until it becomes a ball;
  7. if the area you want to wax is dry and clean, you’re ready to start;
  8. spreading a thick layer of the wax, let it sit and harden for approx. 1 minute;
  9. careful in raising up one corner of the wax, enough to be able to grab it and pulling in the opposite direction;
  10. take a deep breath, repeating the process until all hair removal is complete;
  11. now rinse the skin with warm water, removing sugar residue and reveal your smooth skin

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If you’re interested in purchasing the product rather than making it, you can click the link below. Sugaring is like waxing but its 100% natural and suitable for sensitive skin.

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Suitable for Sensitive Skin

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