Making it at home? Here is what you need . . .

three (3) Ingredients:
200 grams of sugar
60 ml of lemon juice
60 ml of water

and . . . How do you do it?

  1. add all the above ingredients in a saucepan, stir to combine;
  2. let it ALL slow boil;
  3. after it begins to boil, simmer on low to medium setting, stirring;
  4. when the mix is a nice golden brown it’s finished (Now you can remove from heat);
  5. pour sugar wax into a container, letting cool for 1/2 hour;
  6. spoon some mixture into your hands, rolling it until it becomes a ball;
  7. if the area you want to wax is dry and clean, you’re ready to start;
  8. spreading a thick layer of the wax, let it sit and harden for approx. 1 minute;
  9. careful in raising up one corner of the wax, enough to be able to grab it and pulling in the opposite direction;
  10. take a deep breath, repeating the process until all hair removal is complete;
  11. now rinse the skin with warm water, removing sugar residue and reveal your smooth skin

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If you’re interested in purchasing the product rather than making it, you can click the link below. Sugaring is like waxing but its 100% natural and suitable for sensitive skin.

MOOM Natural Hair Remover

Suitable for Sensitive Skin

Soft Perfection

Soft perfection is what using an epilator and the finished result will look like. Your skin left smooth, soft and perfect.

Using an epilator on your face can be quite sensitive. It may also cause irritation as well as the pain being quite intense. Remembering to pull skin firm, will achieve a smooth hairless finish.

Underarms can be a great place to start in building up your confidence in using an epilator. It is a small area to start with. You will finding yourself hairless for weeks, in and around the hot and up coming months ahead.

Again, you will need to remember to hold the Epilator at the right angle when doing your armpits. You will also need to pull your skin a little firm to catch all the hair.

Legs, especially below the knee is the most common place for people to epilate. An added benefit in doing the legs is building up a strong pain tolerance.

The bikini line, well . . . this may cause a few headaches? This can be painful to begin nonetheless can be overcome with care. It will give you long lasting results which will bring me to the last but not least next area, your pubic hair?

Attacking any hair in your pubic area with a razor, waxing or epilator can be painful. The end results long-term will be unsuccessful. Extra care is a MUST when going near your genitalia (or private parts).

FINAL THOUGHTS . . . Again, an Epilator can remove hair from any part of the body ALTHOUGH not the most gentle of methods.

Braun Silk Epil 3 Soft Perfection Epilator